How the Film Industry has Evolved, Yet Will Never Change


The film industry has witnessed a number of transformations – from the invention of the motion-picture camera in 1888, to James Cameron’s groundbreaking visual effects used in Avatar in 2009. Although technology and equipment have  changed over time, the great minds within the industry believe that the characteristics necessary for a successful career remain steadfast. […]

Art McLaughlin: Production and Passion


The doors open and a crowd begins to gather. Within the hour the show will begin, a spectacle of music and light. The stage is built; the sound is ready, the musicians wrapping up their last minute rehearsals. There’s electricity in the air as everyone gathers to enjoy an evening of laughter and music and […]

Producing Gameday @ MetLife Stadium


FACT. There have been fewer Ringmasters of the Greatest Show On Earth® than Presidents of these United States. 36 to be exact and arguably such a grand position and title stand as a mere SUBTITLE in both form and function to the New York Football Giants, Director of Production, Christine Baluyot. Let’s meet our Ringmaster […]

Catapulting Your Broadcasting Career

Mike Morrissey

With Super Bowl XLVII in the books,  it’s that time of the year again when Ferro Productions says goodbye to it’s NFL Programming responsibilities and hello to the world of endless entertainment and production possibilities. It is always around this time of the year when many of our friends and industry peers begin asking the same question, “What […]

Setting The Mood: Lighting

Setting the Mood

NEW YORK – You would think that “Mood Lighting” was always around, right? Perhaps in nature through sunrises, sunsets, lightening storms, or the wash out of a fog rolling in. Well, astonishingly enough it was HARDLY as prevalent just 50 years and barely used as recently as 30 years ago, when we speak of concert lighting! It’s amazing how […]