Ken Kelsch: Cinematographer

Cinematographer and Director of Photography, Ken Kelsch shares what goes into his everyday life on set and his unique experience shooting in Africa.

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LIGHTING: George Greczylo & Ray Charles

40 year Lighting Director, George Greczylo, discusses how he helped “set the mood” for the music video Learn to See performed by legendary artist, Ray Charles.

STAGE: How to get to Sesame Street

Learn about Dr. Loretta Long: Singer, Actor, Educator, and Original Cast Member of Sesame Street.

CAMERA: Rick Cypher and “The Fighter”


Industry veteran Rick Cypher has spent the last 30 years of his life working as a Director of Photography.  Listen as he discusses his on-set experiences with Mark Wahlberg while filming “The Fighter” and find out why Mr. Cypher was the perfect man for the job.


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kool w/ gang

One Kool Cat

  Earlier this year Ferro Productions was on the road filming a behind the scenes documentary with Kool & The Gang and Van Halen on their world tour.  During which we had several opportunities to sit down with arguably the most legendary name in Funk and R&B music, Robert “Kool” Bell.  Although this band and its […]

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Dennis Size: Lighting Design Group

Dennis Size: Lighting Design Group

Nearly impossible, it would be, to turn on your TV at any given time, on any given day, anywhere in the world and not bear witness to their brilliant designs, in all their glory illuminating your screen. A wise man once said, “If you don’t have the proper lighting on a television set, you might […]

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Creativity is a Team Sport

Production or producing is a team sport. Or have we forgotten that fact, given the advent and advancement of new technology?  With the advancement of technologically creative tools and their inexpensive price points, we straddle the fine line between “because we can, does that mean we should.”  My point is this,  just because technology allows […]

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Debate 2012

Debate Debacle

|riˈdəndəntce| I flew out to Colorado, to the University of Denver, as part of the ABC pool feed covering the 2012 Presidential Debate. We were the only unit covering the event, so our images were being transmitted out to the world. Our pool feed enabled ALL networks to take our images and use them whichever […]

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Shooting a news show pilot for Chinese TV

I was recently hired to D.P. a pilot for the Chinese network, CCTV. It’s a news program call “I Cheng”, starring reporter Gloria Cheng Ai. The show is mostly interviews with politicians, economists and world leaders. There are also stand ups with Gloria, as well as ‘man on the street’ interviews and a lot of […]

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