Robotic Rick and the State of the Union



Rick Cypher, robotics camera operator is a seasoned vet in the production industry, specifically covering live events. In this segment Rick discusses the challenges and techniques he used and overcame while working President Obama’s State of the Union address.

MUSIC: Performing on the world’s BIGGEST stages


Watch and learn as world renowned Keyboardist and Synth Programmer, Dave Rosenthal, shares about his work experiences with Cindy Lauper and also discusses how he learned his craft.


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Bill Diamond Productions: Creative Production Company


Learn about the wide range of skills Mr. Bill Diamond, founder of Diamond Productions, uses to create his imagination into a reality. Bill took us on a tour of his self built studio to give us just a glimpse of where he gets his inspiration.

Bill Diamond BIO

A Fashionable Event for Autism Awareness


Ferro Productions teams up with Marvel US Management,

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MYGoal, HeartACause and many more to help make a difference in the Autism Community


To learn more about the event click here!

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