MUSIC: Robert “Kool” Bell & the Gang

Go behind the scenes with the founding members of Kool & The Gang, Robert “Kool” Bell & Khalis Bell as they breakdown their hit song “Hollywood Swinging”.

Billy Joel at Shea Stadium


Billy Joel’s keyboardist, Dave Rosenthal, takes you on stage of the last concert at Shea Stadium and shares how his quick thinking and past experiences aided him throughout the performance. Dave also shares how a very “special guest” made the concert even more memorable.

STAGE: World Class Pyro


Ferro takes you backstage and behind the scenes at Metlife Stadium for the NFL’s opening day rehearsals. In this episode we take a look at the Pyrotechnics aspect and show how they get prepared for game day.



Cinematography for TV and Film

Award winning Cinematography veteran Alex Aurichio, explains his various roles and responsibilities of being a camera operator in the world of Film and Television production.
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Broadcast Innovation : Jack Kestenbaum

“I don’t know what you’re going to do, but someday down the road, you’re going to be a great curtain puller.”   Those words, spoken of a man who would forge onward to an illustrious 42-year television career, much of which just so happened, behind the curtain. His accomplishments are more than worthy of the […]

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Bill Diamond

How to “Never Grow Up” and Still Succeed

Have you ever had the thought, “Maybe I haven’t grown up yet?” For some, such a thought can be worrisome. However, it can be an acceptable characteristic in the minds of others: especially in the world of production. Just ask Bill Diamond, the founder of Bill Diamond Productions, which is a creative production company where […]

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Ferro Productions

A Producer’s Role

The term “Producer” is as broad and varied as the industries they service. In theater and film the Producer is the dealmaker. Usually their responsibilities are: Find a project. Secure financing. Hire the major players; Director, leading actors, support staff, etc. and manage the team to a profitable conclusion. Their part is primarily that of […]

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Rick and his TowerCam

Operating the “TowerCam”

I’ve worked with tons of different cameras, lenses, mounts, robotics, jibs, dollies, just about anything related to capturing images, so when a new technology comes along, and I have the chance to work with it, I jump on the opportunity.  The director for ESPN soccer games, who I’ve worked with for years, wanted to add […]

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Learn to Listen

Learn to Listen

 A million years ago I spent my days designing and studying the creation of sound through the technology of analog and digital synthesizers.  My nights were occupied by pushing audio faders and tweaking EQs as a Studio and Live Sound Engineer throughout NYC’s recording studios, clubs and concert venues.  Without realizing it I was rewiring […]

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