Ken Kelsch: Cinematographer

Cinematographer and Director of Photography, Ken Kelsch shares what goes into his everyday life on set and his unique experience shooting in Africa.

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Billy Joel at Shea Stadium


Billy Joel’s keyboardist, Dave Rosenthal, takes you on stage of the last concert at Shea Stadium and shares how his quick thinking and past experiences aided him throughout the performance. Dave also shares how a very “special guest” made the concert even more memorable.

Bill Diamond Productions


Learn about the wide range of skills Mr. Bill Diamond, founder of Diamond Productions, uses to create his imagination into a reality. Bill took us on a tour of his self built studio to give us just a glimpse of where he gets his inspiration.

Bill Diamond BIO

John Bonanni: Secrets of Broadway Theater


Broadway Stage Manager, John Bonnani shares some war stories about the legendary performances of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular!

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Stage Managing

John Bonnani BIO 

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Kool and the Gang

Kool and the Gang’s Rise to Success

Have you ever pictured yourself entertaining bystanders in the subway to earn some cash? How about not only picturing that, what about DOING just that as a young teenager?  Well what better a band, than one called Kool and the Gang to handle such a daunting task? The crew’s open-arms approach to unconventionality was an […]

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Don Sperling

Don Sperling: Executive Producer

“Don’t ever miss an opportunity to make an impression. You never know who’s watching.” ~ DS Prophetic words of wisdom spoken by Mr. Don Sperling. Keep reading and you’ll surely absorb the deeper meaning beyond the letters penned above. Letters turned into words, words become sentences and sentences become paragraphs, chapters and the ongoing story […]

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Ferro Productions

A Producer’s Role

The term “Producer” is as broad and varied as the industries they service. In theater and film the Producer is the dealmaker. Usually their responsibilities are: Find a project. Secure financing. Hire the major players; Director, leading actors, support staff, etc. and manage the team to a profitable conclusion. Their part is primarily that of […]

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Creativity is a Team Sport

Production or producing is a team sport. Or have we forgotten that fact, given the advent and advancement of new technology?  With the advancement of technologically creative tools and their inexpensive price points, we straddle the fine line between “because we can, does that mean we should.”  My point is this,  just because technology allows […]

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Charlie Rose

Shooting an episode of Charlie Rose

The day begins very early, because of the extremely high level of security screening. The location is The Waldorf Astoria and we’re here to tape an interview with the new President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi. We load in half a cube truck of video, lighting, engineering and grip gear, then we’re given a small two […]

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