MUSIC: Performing on the world’s BIGGEST stages


Watch and learn as world renowned Keyboardist and Synth Programmer, Dave Rosenthal, shares about his work experiences with Cindy Lauper and also discusses how he learned his craft.


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A Fashionable Event for Autism Awareness


Ferro Productions teams up with Marvel US Management, MYGoal, HeartACause and many more to help make a difference in the Autism Community


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The Rise of a Broadcast Executive


What do the NBA, CNN, CBS and the New York Giants all have in common? Watch this video above to find out the answer! To learn more about Don Sperling click here!

How to master the Music Industry

Robert “Kool” Bell (of Kool and the Gang) discusses how him and “the gang” were able to break into the limelight and continue to stay on top by creating and adapting their sound over the years.


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How the Film Industry has Evolved, Yet Will Never Change

The film industry has witnessed a number of transformations – from the invention of the motion-picture camera in 1888, to James Cameron’s groundbreaking visual effects used in Avatar in 2009. Although technology and equipment have  changed over time, the great minds within the industry believe that the characteristics necessary for a successful career remain steadfast. […]

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HBO Boxing


“Boxing is fighting.  It’s life and death; people have literally been killed in the ring.  It’s different from other sports because the athletes aren’t thinking about moving on to the next series, or the next championship.  Rather, they are thinking about how to knock their opponent on to the ground, and make him stay there. […]

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Shooting a news show pilot for Chinese TV

I was recently hired to D.P. a pilot for the Chinese network, CCTV. It’s a news program call “I Cheng”, starring reporter Gloria Cheng Ai. The show is mostly interviews with politicians, economists and world leaders. There are also stand ups with Gloria, as well as ‘man on the street’ interviews and a lot of […]

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Schwartz Featured


Many “Journalists” may be focused on working diligently and creatively, just to keep their dreams alive. Dreams of someday becoming a “Columnist”… Or is that dream perhaps more of a nightmare, if and when it becomes real? Depends…. More on that later, what’s critical now is getting into the “BEAT”.  Mixing it up with the […]

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Directing Multi-Lingual Television

Every once in a while I get a chance to flex my foreign language skills. Sure it does come in handy when you’re ordering from the menu of a Portuguese or Spanish restaurant, but in this global TV market being multi-lingual is a great plus. Because of that, I’ve been able to work with many […]

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