Rising from the Embers: Part I

By: Joe Scacciaferro CEO/Founder of Ferro Productions 

The Ferro Production site is comprised of relevant industry stories, told by some of the most accomplished members in the entertainment business. It has grown into a compilation of lessons and experiences that each of us use as a nutriment to enhance and grow our careers.  In the past, I have used this forum to share my own insights on many subjects that I trust added value to your future and then further on enhancing the industry at large.

Although the following story may at first glance seem like a deviation from that format, stick with me. I promise this may be the most important writing I have ever done and perhaps you’ve recently read.

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Billy Joel at Shea Stadium


Billy Joel’s keyboardist, Dave Rosenthal, takes you on stage of the last concert at Shea Stadium and shares how his quick thinking and past experiences aided him throughout the performance. Dave also shares how a very “special guest” made the concert even more memorable.

Cinematography for TV and Film

Award winning Cinematography veteran Alex Aurichio, explains his various roles and responsibilities of being a camera operator in the world of Film and Television production.
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CAMERA: Rick Cypher and “The Fighter”


Industry veteran Rick Cypher has spent the last 30 years of his life working as a Director of Photography.  Listen as he discusses his on-set experiences with Mark Wahlberg while filming “The Fighter” and find out why Mr. Cypher was the perfect man for the job.


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Dennis Size: Lighting Design Group

Dennis Size: Lighting Design Group

Nearly impossible, it would be, to turn on your TV at any given time, on any given day, anywhere in the world and not bear witness to their brilliant designs, in all their glory illuminating your screen. A wise man once said, “If you don’t have the proper lighting on a television set, you might […]

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Don Sperling

Don Sperling: Executive Producer

“Don’t ever miss an opportunity to make an impression.  You never know who’s watching.”  ~ DS Prophetic words of wisdom spoken by Mr. Don Sperling.  Keep reading and you’ll surely absorb the deeper meaning beyond the letters penned above.  Letters turned into words,   words become sentences and sentences become paragraphs, chapters and the ongoing story […]

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Creativity is a Team Sport

Production or producing is a team sport. Or have we forgotten that fact, given the advent and advancement of new technology?  With the advancement of technologically creative tools and their inexpensive price points, we straddle the fine line between “because we can, does that mean we should.”  My point is this,  just because technology allows […]

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Rick and his TowerCam

Operating the “TowerCam”

I’ve worked with tons of different cameras, lenses, mounts, robotics, jibs, dollies, just about anything related to capturing images, so when a new technology comes along, and I have the chance to work with it, I jump on the opportunity.  The director for ESPN soccer games, who I’ve worked with for years, wanted to add […]

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Photoshop Magic

By Joe Scacciaferro “The journey should be as exciting as the arrival”.  A perfect example is watching a master craftsman at work.  In the attached link we’d like you to sit back and watch as our senior designer and still photog, Matt Swensen “Swen”, applies his magic. Watch as he transforms a good photo into […]

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